How to find best wedding Photographer

A wedding is the most beautiful day of every couple. Every couple wants to capture all the loving moments of their wedding so they will always remember their precious memory. So in order to capture these loving moments, you need a Photographer that can help in capturing moments in a dream wedding.

So finding a wedding photographer is the most common problem among couples. They are confused in choosing the best photographer. New trends in wedding Photography are coming day by day. There are a lot of Photographers in the market and it will become difficult to choose the best among all. So here we are sharing a few steps and tips that can help you to choose the best Wedding Photographer for your Wedding Photography.

1. Decide What Style of Photography You Prefer 

Before going to hire a professional photographer you need to decide what style of wedding photography you need. There different types of Photography exist in the market. Candid Photography, Destination based Wedding Photography and Pre-Wedding Photography. There is a lot of style in wedding photography like Portraits, Classic and Imaginary style. You can browse the Internet and Instagram to explore what types of Styles you need in your Wedding Photography.

When interviewing different types of  Photographers ask them to show you your preferred styles of images in their Portfolio. Sometimes Photographers show only their best images in their Portfolio which doesn’t mean that they don’t have images in their Portfolio you like so don’t forget to ask them your Preferred Photography Selection. 

Wedding Photography Trends

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

  1. Traditional photography 
  2. Contemporary Photography 
  3. Reportage Photography 
  4. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
  5. Portrait Wedding Photography 


2. Google Wedding Photographers in Your Area

The best way to find Best Wedding Photographers is Google. A lot of wedding Photographers already advertised their services on Google. So simply search on Google ”Wedding Photographer In Your Location”. A lot of websites and listings from different Directories will appear in search results to discover all of them. Narrow your search down by entering keyword your proffered photography style. Browse all the profiles by their rating and reviews.

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Tips For Finding Wedding Photography

  1. Start Looking Early So You can choose the best Photographer.
  2. Ask Peoples for Reccommmodations 
  3. Never Hire Family of Friends For Wedding Photography ShootsLook


3. Through their Shoots

Look through all the shots and images they have been showing on their website. Look deep into their Portfolio try to Understand Photograpgers’s personality. Look at the quality and consistency of Quality in their Images. 

Things to Look 

  1. Images/ Videography
  2. Reviews 
  3. Rating 
  4. Fees
  5. Previous Work
  6. Make a shortlist of  whose photos you like
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4. Make a shortlist of  whose photos you like

The next thing you have to do is make a shortlist of People of whose Photos you like. When browsing for different types of adding them into Your list who meet your requirement criteria. Also, make sure you are adding only those people whose cost is in Your Budget. The Next Thing You Have to do is schedule a meeting with all the  Shortlisted Photographers. 


5. Interview Your Shortlist

Next thing you have to take an Interview of Your Shortlisted. Decide all the questions with your partner you would ask in an interview. Also, decide where the Interview will be conducted, you visit their studio or they will come to your home. In the Interview ask all the questions related to Photography that you have.

When attending an interview try to examine the Photographer is this Photographer best for Your Wedding Photography.  A one to one interview will help you to understand the Personality of a Photographer. 

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6. Examine their Portfolio 

After conducting an interview with some people. Now you have some knowledge regarding Photographers. In the interview session, you can reject whose you think aren’t right.

Now you have a new shortlist. Now examine the Portfoilo of every photographer you have shortlisted. View their previous work and review what quality and shots they Produced for them. Also view, an album of Previous clients so you can understand their work quality in a better way. In this step, you can also remove some people whose portfolio is not quite good. 

7. Determine All the Terms

A wedding is your most beautiful day of life and you’re very busy at your wedding. Photography is not only thin you have to care. Tha’s why you have to determine all the terms before you will hire any Photographer. You have to determine what is the size of the Photographer’s team and when they have to come and what wedding occasion will cover in the deal.

You have to determine how they deliver post-production. So there are a lot of things you have to consider before hiring a Photographer.

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8. Schedule a Demo Test

You can also schedule a Demo Test with the Photographer you have selected. The demo schedule will showcase the exact ability of Wedding Photographer. In Demo Step, you can choose the best Wedding Photographer for your Wedding.

9. Discuss Fee

The Most Important thing in selecting the Best Wedding Photography is cost. What is Your Budget for Wedding Photography? Selecting a budget is the first thing you have to determine, before following any process.  Discuss the charges and fee of Wedding Photography and also whats cover in the cost. Consider all the factors that affect pricing. Also, discuss the Payment mode and how much amount you have to pay in Advance, etc.

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10. Hire Photographer

The final step is to hire a Wedding Photographer. Pay the Advance amount to the Wedding Photographer you have selected for Your Wedding. Don’t forget to make an agreement or taking an invoice. 

So above is a Process to find a Wedding Photographer.