Indian Wedding Photography Trends in 2020

Are you looking for Wedding Photography Trend? A wedding is an important part of every couple. Every couple wants to capture their wedding in the best way so they will make the moments memorable. So Every couple wants to shoot their wedding in the latest trend so they can post them on Social Media. The couple is always looking for something different. They want to capture everything from their first kiss to a bright smile. So Wedding Photography trends help you to capture every moment of your togetherness. Here we will discuss the Indian Wedding Photography Trends in 2020

1.Creative Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography means so much for today’s youngsters. They want to capture every moment of their wedding. Creative Wedding photography trend is the best trend to follow if you re bothered with the old fashion photography. In Creative Wedding Photography, a Photographer takes creative shots on an individual basis. Some Popular Creative ideas are Bride Chillah and Booze Shots, Mehndi Shot, Dramatic Entries, Getting ready shots and Clothes, jewelry and more

Wedding photography

2. Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding means when families arranged their wedding at some popular destination. Both families go to a beautiful destination and organized their wedding. Some couples also go to the destination to take pre-wedding shots.  Destination wedding Photography trend comes from Western countries but now becomes the most popular trend in India also. On destinations, Photographer takes very beautiful shots of the couple with the beauty of Destination. Some popular destinations for destination photography are The Film City, Moti bagh palace, Jagjit palace, SHALIMAR BAGH, and Haveli.  

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3. Bridal Portraits

Bridal Protat in another trend that is very popular in Indian weddings, In Bridal Portraits shoot, a photographer takes a formal pic of bridal in bridal dress. In Some Marriage, Photographer takes portrait shoot both of both. Mostly all the Portrait shoot happens in Studios.  

bride with red lehenga


Filmy looks means take a picture of a couple like films.  Capturing your shots with a filmy photographer is also a big trend in Indians wedding but filmy looks are very expansive. Filmy cameras record light, shadow, and colors. Filmy Images are soft and little blurry. 

Wedding photography

5.Drone wedding photography 

Drone Shoots are a very popular shoot. The drone allows the photographer to make a perfect Shot of every destination. Drone videography is also very popular. Nowadays people are hiring photographers for Wedding to shoot by drones. Trends of drones are growing day by day in Indian weddings.

Wedding Photography

6. Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bombs in wedding photography are the most used trend in western countries now comes to India. Some fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of color, creating a dreamy backdrop in Pictures.

Candid Wedding Photography. Some Smoke Bombs Ideas are Red Queen, The Ethnic Motives, Smoke & Flowers, The Circle, and no face photo. 

Wedding Photography

7. Dreamy Film Images

Dreamy Film Images, also a big trend in which a photographer takes dreamy Shots of the couple. Dreamy film images include the imagination of the togetherness of the couple. Dreamy images also represent the dreams of their love life. Dreamy Film images are also a big trend you can follow in your wedding photography shoot.

Wedding Photography Image

8. Selfies Shots 

Selfies shots include a selfie of the couple. The name Includes selfie but the selfies Shot is also taken by A Professional Photographer. Selfie Shot includes a selfie of lunch, selfies of enjoyment and a selfie with family. 

Wedding Photography

9. Proposal Shots

Proposal Shoot is very popular among couples. Although at the wedding there is no proposal on pre-wedding shoot couples often take proposal shoot and some people also ask photographers to take a proposal shoot at their wedding. People purpose her partner and take their shoot. Proposal shoot is a very memorable shoot in the life of every couple because these are the memories that remember them their proposal to partner. This trend is very popular in Western countries but Nowadays it very growing in Young Indian Couples. 

Wedding Photography

10. Shots With Family

Shots with family are very common and forever trend in Indian weddings. Family shots include the bride, groom and bride’s parent or bride, groom and groom’s parent. A professional photographer captures family shots in awesome ways. 

Wedding Photography Trends

11. Second Shots

Second Shot is a big upcoming trend in wedding photography. A single photographer is not able to capture every moment of the wedding or in a particular shot, the photographer needs to go one location to another very fast. But Second Shot there are two photographers who capture every moment of the wedding. If a Shot is taken from 2 angles it becomes very awesome Shot.


12. First Look Images

The first look is a modern tradition in which the bride and groom where they see each other for the first time before the ceremony. First look shots include one on one Photo session between bride and groom. Often first look shots are taken of brides when they want to see the groom before the wedding. You often see all this in movies.  First look best trend  in  Indian Wedding Photography Trends.


So  above are the top Indian Wedding Photography Trends in 2020


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